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August 15th, 2014 - August 17th, 2014


10:00 am ~ 7:00 pm


Trillium Hollow Cohousing Community

Circling is a profound way of developing presence with yourself and richer connections with those around you.

The first Circling Immersion will be coming in mid-August to Portland, Oregon; a 3 day intensive dive into deep connection.

The practice of Circling is an incredibly powerful, new and fast growing practice that raises the bar for what is possible in relationship, personal growth and self-realization. You will be surprised at its richness, depth and simplicity.

This is an opportunity to wake up to whole new relational spaces and to touch into parts of yourself that bring a deep nourishment and inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dates & Times: August 15th-17th, 3:30pm – 7:00pm Fri, 10:00am – 7:00pm Sat and Sun
Location: Trillium Hollow Cohousing Community (9601 NW Leahy Road, Portland, OR 97229)

What is Circling?

Circling has been described as an "intersubjective meditation," "interactive intimacy," "social intercourse," or "a structured way to love the crap out of someone." At its most basic, circling is a practice of non-judmentally being with another human being. The attention of a small group is skillfully focused on an individual, who gets to feel the impact of being supportively seen by others while also experiencing their honest, in-the-moment feelings. The process revolves around connection, understanding, and a deep authenticity between people. It involves bringing a greater awareness and appreciation into our connections with others. It is a paradigm-shifting practice that is supported by wide-ranging research in how adults learn and develop.

For more about information about Circling visit www.circlingeurope.com or http://www.authenticworld.org/what-is-circling/

What's it like to experience Circling?

What are the benefits of Circling?

Circling is a profound way of developing presence with yourself and richer connections with those around you. It can provide fundamental and often surprising insights that, once seen, create new and exciting opportunities. It provides a doorway into flow experiences, and breathes life into sometimes vague spiritual concepts and ideas. Through Circling individuals can start to develop trust in a deeper intelligence in themselves and others. Part of what makes the practice special is that although Circling is based on complex ideas, it is simple and empowering to take part in, and works on many different levels. We believe it to be one of the richest tools for human development in the world today.

We're extremely excited to offer this because circling has transformed our lives, deepened our everyday interactions, shown us parts of ourselves we didn't realize we were hiding, and helped us love more fully. We think it is the most badass practice to come out of integral and authentic thinking, and has the greatest potential for catalyzing growth in a variety of lines.

Who is hosting this event?

This event is hosted by Connection Corps, a social change company on a mission to create a more empathic and connected world. Through the use of experiential, relational learning tools, we empower people to break out of their conditioned social and behavioral patterns, bringing more authentic connection to their lives and all they touch.

Where is the event located?

Trillium Hollow Cohousing Community, 9601 NW Leahy Road, Portland, OR 97229

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Feeling an incredible buzz of the weekend’s energy…most, if not all, feelings of love and appreciation.
Bud Loveall
Bud Loveall
I felt my heart open and experienced more authentic love for others than I can ever remember feeling
Damien Monkey
Damien Monkey
I am starting week four of this intense joy that has eluded me, even with years of constant pursuit [...] have had numerous experiences in the past two weeks which have solidified this centeredness and freedom…. This awareness and ability to connect: everything seems to be falling into place in ways I would never have imagined. Loving life right now…
Pamela Paek
Pamela Paek
I showed myself, then others saw me . . . and then I loved me!
Austin Circling Immersion Participant
This weekend was the best birthday present I ever gave to myself. This experience ended up being much more powerful for me than I would have imagined. I didn't know what to expect with the circling immersion, but nevertheless, I was very excited. Experiences like these sometimes take me a bit of time to process and honestly, I am still processing this weekend (in a good way). I just wanted to let you all know that each one of you have touched my heart in a deep and meaningful way. Even if we didn't get to formally connect through small group your presence was enough. Love and light to you all.
Debra Baran
Today was my first day back into the “real world”… and felt like there was a hidden camera with 2 comments a co-worker and student gave me. Co-worker: “I appreciate how authentic you are…” Iraqi international student: “I can’t help when I see your face I feel optimistic.”
Monica Maltroha
Monica Maltroha
I rediscovered my sensuality!!!
Diane McCartney
Diane McCartney
I have longed for authentic connection with others for most of my life. The kind of connection that bonds me from the heart -- not from the head. This workshop cracked my core wider open, dropping my perceived boundaries, enabling me to live a more full and enriching life. A world of gratitude to Sara, Jordan, and Pete for their masterful and creative facilitation and for providing the safety for my transformation.
Lisa Evans

Free Introduction to Circling Webinar

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Jordan Myska Allen

Jordan Myska Allen

Jordan has found circling to be one of the most profound practices humans have ever developed for personal development, awareness, and depth of authentic connection. In his consulting, coaching, workshop facilitation, and community organizing, he has seen it lead to insight on problems that have plagued participants for their entire lives. In his own experience, circling has facilitated an increased ability to love what arises in the present moment. He is fired up to share the transformation that occurs as a result of a deep commitment to presence, authenticity, and staying in connection. Jordan also acts as a writer and musician.

Sara Ness

Sara Ness

Sara Ness is the founder and head facilitator of the Austin Love Juggernaut, a group that uses connective verbal and physical “games” to teach relating skills. She became interested in circling about two years ago, after co-founding the Houston Games Night and the Austin Love Juggernaut, and completed the Integral Center’s circling training in August of last year. Sara is passionate about community growth. She sees relationship as the most important piece in helping us to create together, and to become a more empathic civilization. She has extensively studied intentional living communities as a model for creating more successful organizations, and will be releasing a documentary on intentional communities across the US in 2014.